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To the Reverend Fathers, 
The Honourable Presidents and the Esteemed Members of the Boards of Directors of the 
Greek Orthodox Communities throughout the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto 
Beloved in the Lord, 
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God the Father, and the communion of 
the Holy Spirit be with you always. 
As you very well know, our homeland Greece has endured tremendous financial turmoil in 
recent years. As if this was not sufficient, we have recently witnessed the tragic events of the 
fires in Attica. Our people are suffering immeasurably there. 
With this letter, I ask you to do as follows:  
a) On Sunday, July 29, please conduct after the Divine Liturgy a memorial service for the 
fatal victims of the fires in Greece, and those killed in the Toronto shooting.  
b) On Sunday, July 29, and again on Sunday, August 5, please circulate a special collection 
basket in church after reading this letter and having appropriately addressed the 
congregation. The sums collected shall be sent in their entirety to the order of the Greek 
Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada), and will then be forwarded again in their 
entirety from our Metropolis to the Church of Greece exclusively for the assistance of the 
victims of the fires.  
I am certain of everyone’s complete cooperation, and further request that, in addition to the 
collection baskets, you should also solicit donations directly from wealthier Christians.   
Thank you for your cooperation. I ask the Thrice-Holy God to grant rest among the saints to the 
the souls of all the fatal victims. To help the wounded realize a rapid and complete recovery. To 
provide support and comfort to the relatives of the fatal victims, but also the wounded. 
With fatherly love and blessings, 

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